Small Groups

Small-Groups-GraphicNew Life Church has several small groups where we regularly study topics in more depth than is possible in a Sunday service. We believe that participation in a smaller, relaxed, and more intimate group setting which is focused on learning about specific topics is a vital ingredient of personal spiritual growth. We believe that participation in a small group is an important means by which we may continually grow in our knowledge and understanding of Christ and His will for our lives by learning from His Word. We encourage you to check out our groups and participate in one (or more) that is right for you!

NOTE: Most small groups are on summer break and will resume in August. Thank you.

Monthly Women’s Group

Meets:  Meets monthly (please see church calendar)
Leaders:  Lynn Drake & Tiffany Heise
Location:  Various Locations

Please see our weekly bulletin or contact the church office for our current women’s schedule.

Monthly Men’s Group

Meets:  Meets monthly (please see church calendar)
Leader:  Brent Drake
Location:  Various Locations

Please see our weekly bulletin or contact the church office for our current men’s schedule.

The Drake/Cook Small Group

Meets: Mondays, 6:45 PM
Leader: Brent Drake/Kevin Cook
Location: Rotating Homes
Topic: ACTS: Seeing God’s Power In Action by P. J. LePeau

Do you ever feel powerless? It was not always so for the people of the early church. Jesus transformed their lives and they changed the world! Acts is the extraordinary record of what these early Christian disciples did. The power that you see in action in this book is the same power that can transform your life. As we journey through the pages of Acts, you will begin to understand how a person can be transformed as well as a church in order to be used of the Lord in our world. Please join us for a time of fellowship and learning from God’s Word in a relaxed and casual home environment. You will be refreshed and encouraged.

The OWLS Seniors Group

Meets: Tuesdays, 2:30 PM
Leader: Gordon Stauffer & Ed Lovins
Location: New Life Church
Topic: The Parables Of Jesus by R.C. Sproul

Please join our “Older, Wiser, Loving Seniors” as we view and discuss this exciting video series led by Dr. R.C. Sproul. While Jesus walked the earth, one of the best methods he used to instruct and love his people were parables. Some he explained, some he did not. But people would gather from far and wide in order to listen to what Jesus said about the kingdom of God, and the parables was the most common way He would explain the kingdom. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines several parables of Jesus, exploring the rich truths they reveal about who Jesus is and what He came to achieve through His life, death, and resurrection. We’ll enjoy desserts and great fellowship as we gather to discuss this vital topic.

The Schafer Small Group

Meets:  Wednesdays, 6:45 PM
Leader:  Joe Schafer
Location:  Home of Ron & Tiffany Heise 
Topic:  The Book of Romans 

Easily presented and simply stated, yet heralded as Paul’s most profound work, the book of Romans consolidates and presents the essential Christian truths as no other book in the Word of God. Proclaiming that we shall live by faith alone is its call, and Paul shares with great joy and passion the foundation for all those who call themselves Christian. We will be working through this book step by step, walking with Paul through these truths.